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Klondike Winter Camp
Klondike Winter Camp
December 27-30, 2017
Camp Barstow

Registration Closes December 17!

What is Klondike Winter Camp?
Mark your calendar now for the Indian Waters Council Klondike Winter Camp! The Klondike will be held in December at Camp Barstow. Scouts have the opportunity to camp outdoors and earn merit badges not normally offered at summer camp. This four-day program is held just after the Christmas holidays. These include many of the merit badges required for Eagle. A volunteer camp staff provides program help, guidance, and supervision in the area of Scout-craft, Nature, Field Sports, and Citizenship as well as many other specialty Merit Badges. Scouts also benefit by association with Scouts from other troops, making new friends, learning new methods, sharing ideas, and enjoying the fellowship of camp-wide campfires, games and competition.
What will we do?
  • Provide advancement opportunities for Scouts
  • Familiarize youth with the Scouting program through the outdoor experience
  • Stimulate Troop programming before, during, and after attending camp
  • Have FUN
Who can attend?
All registered Boy Scouts may attend Winter Camp with their Troop. Troops may pool their resources in order to provide an adequate number of Scouts and adult leaders to form a unit. A Scout whose Troop is unable to attend Winter Camp will be assigned to a Troop for registration and activities.
How much does it cost?
The camp fee is $55.00 per scout ($45 per adult). Camp fees include all meals, camp activities, and program equipment. Each Scout is responsible for providing the materials needed to complete merit badge requirements (pamphlets, paper, pens or pencils, reports, miscellaneous supplies needed, and any approval from the Scoutmaster).
How will camp be run?
The Klondike camp is slower paced and less formal than summer camp. Each Troop must have two adults; one at least 21 years of age and the remaining leaders must be over 18. These adults will help with the program and competition (similar to OA events). A youth staff will be identified (at least one Scout per Troop attending) prior to camp and will serve as camp leaders.

Administrative Information
Check-In: Camp staff will be in position to conduct the check-in process from 10-11AM on December 27. Campers can depart after the awards ceremony and clean-up around 11AM on December 30.
Medical: Each Scout attending Klondike MUST HAVE Parts A and B of the BSA Annual Health and Medical Record (#34605). Part B requires a copy of their insurance card.
Parents and Visitors: Visitors are always welcome in camp. Everyone must check-in at camp headquarters upon arrival and checkout when leaving. Visitor meals will be available for $5 per meal. There are no facilities for overnight visitors other than camping with the troop.
Tent Equipment: Troops are expected to provide their own tents for Winter Camp. Limited space in the campsite Adirondacks is available.
Maverick Camp: Maverick camp is available to any individual Scout whose troop cannot attend Winter Camp. Troops in attendance are asked to "adopt" these Scouts, so they can experience Winter Camp. The Maverick camper will join in with the host troop during the week. The Maverick program requires that a boy is a registered Scout and he must have his parent's and his Scoutmaster's approval.
Motor Vehicles: Cars or trucks will only be allowed for transportation of gear to and from camp area.
Comfort at Klondike Winter Camp: Anyone can do fair weather camping. The weather in South Carolina this time of year is unpredictable. Be prepared! The real test is to be ready so that you will remain comfortable in the event of cold, wet weather. Wear proper clothing, stay dry, bring gloves. Bring extra blankets, it may get cold. Bring extra socks and change them often. Keep your feet dry.Wear warm insulated footwear. Bring extra shoes. Bring headgear, remember you lose 70% of your body heat through the top of your head. Make sure your tent is tied down and that you have a ground cloth under it. Dress in layers so you may take off or put on according to the weather.

Merit Badge Classes
Helping Scouts Choose Merit Badge Classes: A Scout should not attempt to work on too many merit badges during Klondike. This will result in only partial completion of many merit badges. The Scoutmaster should counsel with each Scout to determine which badges he should work on and what requirements need to be completed prior to Winter Camp in order to unsure a good rate of completion at camp. Scouts should also choose alternate merit badges. It may not be possible to complete some merit badges in camp. After a Scout decides which badges to work on, the Scoutmaster is asked to complete the enclosed "Scout Merit Badge Sign-Up Sheet". This form will aid the Winter Camp staff in planning for adequate supplies and personnel.

More Information? Contact Michael Hiller, at MHiller@gmka.com.

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