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Speciality Programs

Camp Barstow

Speciality Programs

Outdoor Scout Adventure

This program is designed for Scouts who are new to your Troop and have not achieved the rank of Second Class. We have designed a hands on program with instruction of basic Scout skills and fun challenges throughout the week. The Patrol method will be implemented. Many of the skills included in this program cover rank advancements for Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class.
These skills include: knots & lashings, basic first aid, hiking & camping, map & compass, basic cooking, Fire building, Leave No Trace, citizenship, safe practices, teamwork, swimming, and so much more!. They will have an opportunity to earn the Totin Chip and the Firem’n Chit. Daily classes will be held during sessions 1-4. The Scouts may choose merit badges for session 5 & 6 and should register for these prior to camp.
Scouts participating in this program will go on a hike and participate in an overnight camping trip. Each Scout will need to bring a ground cloth and tent for the camp out. There will be a special awards ceremony Friday night at the campfire program.
Wilderness Adventure Program

Our week-long Wilderness Adventure program is designed to teach Scouts many different skills to prepare them surviving and thriving outdoors in a wide range of situations. During the week they will be located in our NEW primitive campsite area. Participants will camp and cook as patrols and work as a team to learn survival skills such as fire building, use of flint and steel, utensil-less open fire cooking, Dutch oven cooking, edible plants, survival fishing, finding food and game, map, sun and stars orienteering skills, shelter building, wilderness first aid, and so much more! Each patrol will face a challenge at the end of each instructional session. There will be a survival challenge each week where each patrol will need to find and cook their own food for supper and then sleep in a shelter they build. Participants will have opportunities during the week to participate in shooting sports including black powder rifle. They will learn to throw axes and knives. There will be a campfire every night. On Thursday night, participants will experience a rustic island overnight. Friday they will return to the main camp and attend the evening camp cook out and campfire program.
At the end of the week they will have completed some requirements in several different merit badges such as cooking, pioneering, wilderness survival, and first aid. Some activities will qualify for the National Outdoors Award for Adventure and National Medal for Outdoor Achievement.
Offered Week 4 - Minimum 4 - Max 8 Scouts

Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience (COPE)

C.O.P.E. is a series of inter-related events that challenge on an individual and group level. Events are divided into four categories: initiative games, trust events, low elements and high elements. Project C.O.P.E. has seven objectives: Teamwork, Self Confidence, Trust, Leadership, Communication, Decision-Making, and Problem-Solving. Our C.O.P.E. courses include open areas for games and trust events, and a series of "low" and "high" elements. The concept of challenge by choice' encourages each person to participate fully. Games introduce teamwork concepts and also serve as warm-up exercises. Trust events further teamwork while also developing risk-taking from low to higher levels. Our low elements include a wall, spider web, and other cable and rope combinations that involve teamwork relatively close to the ground. Our high elements are individual events involving climbing to heights of 20-30 feet, crossing cables, etc. Each element -- low or high -- is carefully spotted or belayed to minimize danger while still challenging the individuals to challenge personal levels of risk-taking. Standards of safety are stressed at every level of the course.
Offered Week 2 & 4

Shooting Sports Program

We take great pride in our Shooting Sports Program at Camp Barstow and have worked hard to make it one of the best in the Southern Region. Our Shooting Sports program is offered to Scouts that have already attended at least one summer of camp. In addition, those taking Shotgun Merit Badge need to be at least 13 years of age prior to arrival at camp and be of sufficient stature to handle a 20g shotgun. For scouts that have earned Rifle Shooting, Archery, and Fish and Wildlife Management Merit Badges, they only need to take and pass a state Hunters Safety course to qualify for the National Wild Turkey Federation Challenge. Our program also offers Scouts the opportunity to participate in the Winchester/NRA Marksmanship Qualification Program.

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