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Needs List for Camp Barstow
Camp Barstow
Maintenance and Program Needs List

Cleaning Supplies
Push brooms
Broom handles
Mop heads
Cleaning chemicals
60 gallon trash can liners

Landscape timbers
Grass seed
Shovels (square and round)
Post hole diggers
Bush axes and swing blades
Axes and hatchets
Bow saws
Wheel barrows
Leather work gloves
Round Up weed/brush killer
Pump sprayers
Wood mulch
Crush and run stone
Landscape fabric

Exterior Paint (check with Ranger for specific colors)
Interior Paint (check with Ranger for specific colors)
Paint brushes - assorted sizes
Paint roller with trays and extra covers
Thompson Water Seal
Olympic solid color stain (check with Ranger for specific color)
Quikrete concrete mix

Mechanical & Tools
Weed Eaters
Hand held gas auger
Push mowers
Riding mowers
Log splitter
Splitting mauls and wedges
Motor oil
Claw hammers
Sledge hammers
Drills and bits
Hand tools (screw drivers/wrenches/pliers/etc..)
Ratchet sets
Sheet metal
Flat bar stock
Cordless leaf blower

Single pole switches
3 way switches
Duplex outlets
Romex wire - all sizes
Boxes and hardware
Timers for lights
100 watt halogen light tubes
60 & 100 watt CFL lightbulbs
Four foot and eight foot flourescent bulbs
Four foot waterproof flourescent fixtures
Four foot and eight foot flourescent fixtures
Dusk to dawn lights
Low voltage and solar power landscape lights

Pull chain shower valves
Flush toilets
Shower heads
Water fountain bubblers
Galvanized metal and PVC pipe and fittings

Wood Working
All types/sizes of lumber
Tools - shop and hand tools
Dust collector for power tools
Table saw
Band saw
Compound miter saw
Assorted sanders
Assorted clamps
Sandpaper (various)

Air Filters (sizes)
Dining hall 20x25x1, 16x25x2
Rangers house 20x20x1 , 16x20x1
Staff Cabins 20x20x1
Trading Post 20x20x1
Scoutmaster Lounge 20x20x1
O'Tuel Building 20x20x1

Interior Doors
Exterior steel doors
Weather stripping
Windows/various sizes
Screen material
Door hardware
Window blinds

General Items
Heat Pump for Trading Post and Scoutmaster Lounge
Misc tape
Adhesive and glue
Misc caulk
Gator or Mule 4x4
Small pickup truck
Bobcat with attachments
Sickle bar mower for John Deere tractor
Fire extinguishers
Keyed alike padlocks

Program Areas
Animal cages
Life jackets
Rope floats
Misc boat parts and cleaning supplies
Carving tools
Leather working supplies

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