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Webelos Woods

A weekend is especially for Webelos to participate in advancement oriented activities and get a taste of the Boy Scouting program.

Webelos Woods 2017 -
Ready for Adventure
at Camp Barstow

September 15-17, 2017


   The primary goal of the weekend is to introduce Webelos and their parents to the very different model of a boy led system used in the Boy Scouts. Of course the activities will be fun while providing rank advancement opportunities.

Here's the skinny:
● For Webelos only (and their parents & leaders). Siblings cannot be accommodated.
● Cost is $55.00 for Webelos ($65 on Sept. 1) & $22 for parents / leaders
● Registration is by pack, but individuals will be allowed.
● Registration is reserved upon payment of fees and is first come, first serve, although we will keep a waiting list for overflow
● Leadership ratio is 1 leader to no more than 4 Webelos - keep this in mind when registering
● Webelos will be formed into 12 patrols of no more than 12 boys, space is limited, and you may be in a patrol with folks from others units
● The event program is very similar to a Boy Scout camporee, complete with a competition among the event’s patrols.
● Patrols will be led by a Boy Scout patrol leader and assistant patrol leader
● Patrols will rotate through scheduled activity sessions over the weekend
● Activity sessions will be Boy Scout led
● A ceremonial trail will lead to Saturday night’s campfire & patrol skit competition
● A Boy Scout led non-denominational Christian chapel will be held Sunday morning
● All meals will be in the dining hall (except Saturday dinner -foil packet dinner at campsite)
● Meals served are breakfast, lunch & dinner Saturday, Sunday breakfast
● Registration fees cover meals, program supplies, insurance and a patch for every registrant
● Class A uniforms are for the Sunday flag parade, chapel & awards ceremony - an activity uniform of Scout shorts and Scout t-shirt are for all other times.
● Check-in begins Friday, Sept. 15 at 4:00 and camp will be clear by noon Sunday

What To Bring: (Pack all gear in duffle bag/heavy trash bag - if it gets dropped, gear stays dry & clean. It may be a 1/4 mile walk to your campsite.

Sleeping bag / sheets & blankets, pillow, tent, flashlights, toothbrush, toiletries, sunscreen, insect repellant, Class A & activity uniforms, rain gear, light jacket for a cool evening, hat. Your Scout's uniform should be marked with his name on the labels and in his hat.

Limited adirondack (3 sided cabins) space is available. Webelos need to pitch and sleep in a tent for rank advancement and male/female segregation in accord with the Guide to Safe Scouting must be observed, so adirondack space should be reserved for adults with only one sex in each building. Showers and latrines are centrally located in camp.

Webelos Woods Recap for 2016

Thanks to all who staffed, attended and supervised/worked and those who attended, enjoyed & cleaned up as they left. It really was a successful weekend of camping by just about all reports I have gotten - written, or otherwise. I saw boys… having a good time, earning advancement items… teaching skills, setting a good example for younger boys… some of the wonder of the boy scout method. Not every minute of the weekend was without room for improvement - either by the organizer of the event or execution, boy scout staff, or even parent involvement. BUT, on balance it was overwhelmingly good. Thanks to everyone who made it good.

Thanks, in particular go out to: Velda Howard, who volunteers her time off to run the kitchen at Webelos Woods and many other events. The Hanks family who spent a great deal of time in the kitchen.

Rick Born - medical staff & Webelos whisperer extraordinaire
Troop 29/Wittenberg Lutheran in Leesville - first aid/survival kits 
Troop 60/Gilbert Ruritan Club - ran the ceremonial trail and made charcoal chimneys 
Troop 287/St John Neumann Catholic Church - staffed ultimate Frisbee & served as patrol leaders 
Troop 312/St. Simon St. Jude Episcopal in Irmo - flag football & fire building activity sessions, patrol leaders, chaplain & campfire staff
Troop 410/Redeemer Lutheran in Irmo - staffed the knots area 
Troop 411/Lake Murray Presbyterian in Chapin - provided patrol leaders 
Troop 429/Kershaw Masonic Lodge - cooking & water purification demonstration and patrol leaders 
Troop 777/Second Chance Fellowship in Camden – utility crew – especially Sunday morning dining hall clean up!!!

Larry Parrish & Grace Thompson from the Scout Office for keeping the registration, addressing issues during the weekend, shuffling the paperwork that gets supplies bought, etc....

Here are the advancement items that were planned to be covered. There may be one or two that got squeezed because of time or that leaders/parents think need another swipe for the Webelos to get all they need/want out of the advancement item. The pitch a tent & sleep in it, present your pack before a campout, .... type items, I cannot address but you know if your Webelos did.

Castaway 1A fire w/o matches
Castaway 1B 2 diff recipes w/o pots/pans - hobo sliders & s'mores
Castaway 2A outdoor survival kit
Castaway 2F demo 2 ways to purify water
Castaway 2G -STOP / Universal distress / demo 1 signal
Web Walkabout 2 hiking 1st aid kit
SC Adventure 5A square knot, taut line, 2 half hitches
SC Adventure 5B whip/fuse Camper 5 bowline 
Sportsman 3 - 1 of 2 team sports - Ultimate
Sportsman 3 - 1 of 2 team sports - Flag Football

Event patches were given to a pack representative in the campsites Sunday morning. If your patches delivered were off by a couple from the number that attended - see Suzanne at the scout office. She has the limited supply of left over patches. We got very few written evaluations back and a few email evaluations. If you have any input about the event, we welcome it at threecrooms@bellsouth.net.

Those comments are studied and used each year. We need what your boys/you liked and did not like. We have been known to toss out a feature from the event when we got a couple well considered criticisms, only to have ten times that number ask where it went the next year.

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