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Webelos Woods

A weekend is especially for Webelos to work on advancement-oriented activities and Scout skill activities on a set schedule.

Webelos Woods

September 18-20, 2015

1 adult to every 4 Scouts
Registration is by pack, although individual registration will be allowed if only one boy from a pack is interested. Participation is limited to 12 patrols of 10 boys on a first-come, first-served basis. Places are secured by completing the online registration and receipt of fees.

The program tentatively includes a cooking demo and Nutrition belt loop, Outdoorsman, Hiking belt loop, 2 team sport belt loops for Sportsman, and a portion for the Fitness Activity Pin.

Uniforms: Scouts will wear their full Class A uniform on Sunday morning for the morning parade, chapel and closing ceremonies. At all other times, an activity uniform of Scout shorts and Scout t-shirt is acceptable.

Here's the skinny on this event:

  • For Webelos only (and their parents & leaders); siblings cannot be accommodated.
  • Boys will be formed into patrols of 10.
  • Boy Scout patrol leaders and assistant patrol leaders will lead each patrol.
  • Patrols will rotate through advancement oriented activities, Scout skill activities on a set schedule.
  • Most activity sessions will be Boy Scout led.
  • A ceremonial campfire will light the sky on Saturday evening.
  • Event will meet several Arrow of Light requirements.
  • Activity to begin the transition from Cub Scouting events to Boy Scouting activities.
  • Boy: leader/parent ratio is 4:1.
  • A non-denominational Christian chapel will be held Sunday morning.
  • Meals will be in the dining hall, but hobo dinner boys will cook for themselves Saturday evening.
  • Meals included in the registration include breakfast on Saturday & Sunday, lunch Saturday and dinner Saturday evening.

What To Bring: Sleeping bag or sheets and blankets, pillow, tent, flashlights, toothbrush, toiletries, rain gear, jacket, hat, (evenings can get cool). Place sleeping items in a heavy duty garbage bag for the Scout to carry or in a good duffel bag or backpack; if he drops it, everything stays clean and dry. The walk to your camp could be 1/4 mile. Your Scout's uniform should be marked with his name on the labels and in his hat.


Where is my patch?

Patches were distributed to someone in your pack that was in the campsite when it was declared clean, so check with your pack leaders first. There were one or two packs where this was not followed because of a miscommunication on my part. In that event or if the pack allotment was short, we still have a few left at the Council Service Center - see Suzanne.             

What achievements were offered?

Outdoorsman - potentially completed - items 2,3 (if he pitched & slept in a tent), 7 (at cooking demo), 8 (partial), 9 (at hiking belt loop), 10, 11, 12

Athlete - started the 30 day exercise period for those in item 5 and for items 6 & 7

Sportsman - 4. Earned Ultimate & Flag Football belt loops

Nutrition Belt Loop

Hiking Belt Loop

Where is my Athlete exercise record?

These were distributed to the same folks that got the patches on Sunday morning. There were a few that did not get distributed and they are available at the Council Service Center - see Suzanne.



To a great group of volunteering parents who helped in the kitchen. When everyone does a little, no one gets overburdened. 

To Link Graham - a Pack 200 parent who stepped in as head cook for Saturday’s lunch.

To Velda, who volunteered as head cook on her day off.

To Rick Bourne who served as our medic.

To all of our boy scout patrol leaders & assistant patrol leaders from Troops 29, 60, 312, 343, 410, 518, and 900. This is one of the tougher jobs because they are always “on duty” at the event.

To Troop 60 for yeoman’s work in the kitchen & dining hall.

To Troop 29 for running the Athlete activity session.

To Troop 900 for running the Ultimate activity session, helping with the ceremonial trail, and constructing the charcoal chimneys for foil packet cooking.

To Troop 410 for running the Knots & Dining Fly Pitch activity session.

To Troop 518 for running the Hiking belt loop activity session.

To Troop 312 for running the Flag Football & Cooking Demo activity sessions, staffing the campfire, conducting the chapel service, and helping with ceremonial trail.

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